Since 2013, I taught a wide variety of courses, both language and culture, in the face-to-face, blended, and online formats, in the US as well as in Italy.

The University of Chicago, Assistant Instructional Professor, 2020-current

Italian Language, History, and Culture III – online (spring 2021)

Beginning Elementary Italian III – online (spring 2021)

Beginning Elementary Italian II – online (winter 2021)

Corso di perferzionamento – online (autumn 2020)

Beginning Elementary Italian I – online (autumn 2020)

Indiana University, Visiting Lecturer, 2018-2019                                             

Italian Reading & Expression: “Comics and 20th century Italy: a Parallel History” (spring 2019)   

Italian Conversation & Diction: “Italian culture through contemporary films” (fall 2018)

Intermediate Italian II – blended (spring 2019; fall 2018)                                               

Elementary Italian I – blended (fall 2018)

Indiana University, Graduate Assistant, 2018

Topics in Italian Culture: “Cultures of the Renaissance” (spring 2018)

Indiana University, Associate Instructor, 2013-2017                                       

Italian Conversation & Diction in Florence (summer 2016; summer 2017)  

Elementary Italian I in Florence – blended (summer 2017)

Elementary Italian I – blended (fall 2016)

Italian Conversation & Diction: “Italian culture through contemporary films” (fall 2016)

Intermediate Italian II in Florence (summer 2016)                       

Intermediate Italian I in Florence (summer 2016)

College of Arts and Science Critical Approaches: “Cloak and Dagger: Literary Criticism of Detective Novels” – discussion sections (spring 2016)  

Accelerated Elementary Italian – blended (fall 2015)           

Elementary Italian II – online (fall 2015)

Elementary Italian I (fall 2013; spring 2014)

Sara is extremely passionate about this topic and it shows in the class. I was hesitant at first taking a class about comic books, but Sara really did an incredible job making me realize that a culture can be represented through the works of the time. I grew to love the comics and I am even more excited to read them on my own. The fact that we were able to learn Italian history and culture of the late 19th, 20th and early 21st century through comics is quite amazing. I loved the class, thank you! 

Sara was always prepared and there is never a lull in the class, she is always engaging and wants us all to succeed. I love this class even if my grade isn’t the best and I still enjoy it I think that says something about how great of a teacher Sara is. She pushes us to work hard but still has fun.

Sara Dallavalle was an excellent professor. She was super enthusiastic and very dedicated. She was reliable and helpful.